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What To Expect If You’re Arrested In Colorado State

The following article will cover:

  • What to expect after you have been released from jail.
  • The critical importance of working with an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest.
  • How our firm can help you defend your rights against a wide range of criminal charges.

When Someone Is Arrested And Charged With A Crime For The First Time, What Generally Happens Within The First 24 To 72 Hours?

The first 24 hours after an arrest is crucial. During this time, you’ll be taken to jail, undergo a booking process, and (in most cases) attend a bond hearing. During this hearing, you’ll appear before a judge who determines the amount of bond that will need to be posted for you to be released from jail.

These first few hours of this process are critical. Most importantly, you will need a competent criminal defense lawyer who can assist you by persuading the judge to set a reasonable bond amount so that you can return to life while the case is pending. What’s more, it’s common for the court to issue orders of protection within the first 24 of an arrest.

These orders can limit your ability to return and have contact with your loved ones. Having a lawyer present to help you navigate the specifics of these orders is incredibly helpful to ensure that you can protect your rights, avoid an additional criminal charge, and manage your life during the course of criminal proceedings.

If you are not able to secure your release from jail, the most important time frame in your case stretches to a length of 72 hours. During this time, the case is sent to a prosecutor for review. The prosecutor will then determine whether or not the state is going to file charges and what charges will be filed.

This is a critical time at which to have an attorney. In some circumstances, your lawyer will be able to contact the detective and prosecutor to provide evidence and your version of events. This can influence the investigating officials and may make the difference between whether charges are filed against you and, if so, how severe they are.

Having an attorney to help you navigate this process is essential because you should never speak to law enforcement directly. Doing so is the same as waiving their right to remain silent without a lawyer present and it can have incredibly negative consequences to your case and to your future.

Finally, whether you are released from jail or not, the first 72 hours will be a critical time for you and your attorney to make sure that evidence is preserved. This is particularly important if there is video surveillance footage from the scene of the crime. Your attorney can work to ensure that this evidence is properly maintained and not destroyed.

In summary, working with an attorney is important throughout every step of a criminal charge. However, the first 72 hours after an arrest present a particularly pivotal point in your case. Your attorney will work to maximize any opportunity within this period, protect your rights, and help you get back on your feet as the dust settles.

Once I’m Out Of Jail, How Do I Know What To Do Next? What Am I Leaving The Jail With In Terms Of Paperwork, Court Dates, etc.?

When you are released from jail, the property that you had on you at the time of booking will be returned. Then, you’ll be given a piece of paper called the Bond Return Date. Remember, this date is very important – it is the day you’ll need to come back to the courthouse so that you can remain out of custody.

Next, it is critical to contact an attorney if you have not done so already. While it’s best to work with a lawyer as soon as possible, it is particularly important to retain an attorney before your first Bond Return Date.

Having an attorney soon after you are released from jail means that you get a professional who can help you prepare a plan for what’s to come and protect you from waiving any of your rights. What’s more, a solid defense is built best by performing a thorough investigation immediately after your arrest. Your attorney will work to collect time-sensitive evidence, conduct interviews, and more – so that you have everything you need to defend your case.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Criminal Defense Cases Your Firm Handles?

Our firm handles a variety of criminal defense cases. The most common cases we handle include but are not limited to:

  • Assault
    • Misdemeanor assault
    • Felony assault
    • Domestic violence allegations
  • Drug Crimes
    • Misdemeanor possession charges
    • Drug trafficking
    • Possession with the intent to distribute
  • Traffic Offenses
    • DUI
    • Careless driving resulting in an injury
    • Careless driving resulting in a death
  • Property-related Crimes
    • Burglary
    • Trespass to a motor vehicle
    • Criminal mischief
    • Damaging others’ property
  • Weapons charges
  • And more…

For more information on Common Criminal Cases In Colorado State, an initial consultation is your next best step.

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