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Guidance on Self Defense - The Zorrilla Law Firm.Our firm has extensive experience defending individuals charged with crimes stemming from self-defense situations in Colorado. We’ve successfully navigated a variety of cases, each presenting unique challenges and requiring a nuanced understanding of Colorado’s self-defense laws.We had a notable win in a murder case where our client claimed self-defense on his property, outside the usual home boundaries. Despite the intricacies, we secured ‘not guilty’ verdicts across the board, on the murder charge and all lesser offenses. The challenge lay in proving the justifiability of using deadly force without sustaining significant injuries. Adding to the complexity was the fact that the incident occurred on our client’s property but not within his home. Navigating the nuances of Colorado law became crucial, dealing with specific technicalities tied to self-defense, especially when our client used a deadly weapon against an unarmed assailant. However, we successfully argued that the use of force was reasonable given the circumstances.

The foundation of our approach lies in developing the most persuasive, detailed, and robust narrative from our client’s perspective. This involves extensive investigation, often with the support of investigators, to gather eyewitness accounts and surveillance evidence. Pretrial litigation is a cornerstone, addressing specific defenses related to defending one’s home and laying the groundwork for a robust defense strategy at trial.

Aside from the case just mentioned, we’ve dealt with a number of other cases, many of which have been domestic violence cases. Domestic violence cases can be especially tricky because men are often charged with these domestic violence charges due to gender stereotypes. Juries are just groups of people at the end of the day and they can sometimes struggle with the idea that a man would need to defend himself against a woman. Fortunately, being able to explain these gender dynamics and the law to a jury in a way that helps them understand why and how it is legal for a man to defend himself against a woman – even if it’s someone that they’re in an intimate relationship with – is something that we have a lot of experience with.

Beyond these cases, our firm has consistently excelled in presenting self-defense claims, ranging from homicide to misdemeanor assault charges. We emphasize a detailed client perspective, employing investigators to gather critically important details. Pretrial litigation plays an important role, addressing specific defenses related to defending one’s home.

Over our years of experience, we have honed our skills in understanding Colorado-specific rules and nuances regarding self-defense. This enables us to craft compelling narratives that align with Colorado’s self-defense laws and present our clients in an understandable light to the prosecutions, judges, and juries. We’re also adept at handling pre-file cases, working with law enforcement and the prosecution to prevent charges from being filed between arrest and the investigative hold deadline.

Why We Wrote This Book

We hope that our readers will gain an understanding of the different types of self-defenses that can be presented at trial and the Colorado-specific rules and requirements for what constitutes the justified use of physical force and self-defense.

The Importance Of Understanding Self-Defense

Many are familiar with self-defense in one way or another, whether through an experience of someone they know personally, the news, or a movie. Comprehending the nuances of self-defense within the criminal justice system, particularly in Colorado, often differs from the assumptions people commonly make. Understanding the particular nuance of self-defense law in Colorado is vital, as it not only influences whether a judge will allow a jury to consider self-defense during a trial but also dictates the specific self-defense instructions the jury can contemplate.

Failure to meet these criteria means the jury won’t deliberate on self-defense as an affirmative defense during the trial. Hence, possessing a robust understanding of these intricacies, along with the ability to navigate them effectively, becomes essential to ensure self-defense is a viable option for the jury during the trial.

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