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“want to win your trial? want to get your case dismissed? call Christina.”– Nate Crowley, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”– Dallas Norton, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Jim Zorrilla is a fierce advocate and talented trial attorney. He and I were co-counsel on a murder trial raising the issue of self-defense. Thanks to Jim’s hard work and dedication, our client was found not guilty and walked out of the courtroom alongside of us. Jim is an excellent criminal defense attorney and I highly recommend him for your case.”– John Chase, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Jim is the consummate zealous defender. His combination of tenacity and legal acumen lead to great results for his clients. I had the privilege of co-counseling a complex criminal trial with Jim. During that time he proved to be worthy opponent for the seasoned prosecutors assigned to the case and a compassionate ally for our client. Jim is a true trial lawyer and any lawyer would benefit from the experience of trying a case with Jim and any client would be lucky to have him by their side.”– Jennifer Kilpatrick, Director of Conviction Integrity & Equity

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